Greenstep - manufacture polyester staple fibers


GREENSTEP Quality Management System allows to control every step of the production of finished products and intermediates.

Multilevel controlling system includes:
  1. Control of compliance of technical standards of every stage of production, which is the reason to issue the protocol of quality.
  2. Control system of intracorporate high standards for quality of raw materials and supporting materials for the product manufacturing. 
  3. Control system of implementation of normative performance of the company’s technical park.
  4. Laboratory control of the quality of flex, which is at the same time, semi-finished product for further use in the manufacture of fiber and finished product,  that provides 100% quality of all the product range.
  5. An additional level of laboratory control of the finished fiber quality is 10 special tests in accordance with GOST, before packing the goods and registration of the protocol of quality.
Such a construction of the controlling system at the stage of fibers and semi-finished products manufacturing is the first quality management system in Ukraine, that is performed at the stage of production of raw materials for the finished products of various spheres of industry, and it provides:
  • the highest fiber quality, relevant to quality of the product made of primary material;
  • exclusion of the possibility of defects in the finished and semi-finished products, in accordance with  the passport of quality control;
  • multilevel laboratory quality control carried out by the specialists of high class;
  • control of all stages of the cycle – starting with the purchase of quality raw materials for processing, and finishing with maintenance of the modern equipment park, and setting its parameters under the high requirements for fiber quality;
All Step Control is a multilevel quality control!