Greenstep - manufacture polyester staple fibers

Commercial offer

"GREENSTEP" company is a modern Ukrainian manufacture of recycling the waste production.
Specialists of the "GREENSTEP" company mastered the technology of processing the used packaging PET-quality raw materials for the production of a wide range of consumer goods. The latest equipment and advanced management system allows the company to provide a good quality of their products in accordance with modern standards.
"GREENSTEP" company supplies recycled polyester staple fiber:
  • Solid fiber
  • Hollow fiber (siliconized, non siliconized)
Linear density (thickness) of the fiber: 7 Dtex, 15 Dtex. Is possible to produce fibers of other densities.
Length: 34 mm / 68 mm
Color: white, green, brown.
Our warehouses are located in Kharkov (Ukraine).